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About Us

We are a multinational and cross-disciplinary team of practitioners in

1.       human resources

2.       strategy/product and business development as well as

3.       engineering and

4.       general management.

We are ready to help you in all these areas. You can contact us at



Projects in Human Resources

Are you ready to install career paths, accompanied by an appropriate compensation/salary scheme to motivate and retain your employees? Do you intend to install an easy-to-use and transparent performance-based compensation scheme? Work with us! For our background, please check the download area below.



High Tech Applications

Do you need help with high tech applications, e.g. in benchmark establishment and analysis or implementation of new technologies and products? Do you need a substantial competitor’s analysis coupled with a strategy and implementation plan to react and regain the leadership? Work with us! For our background, please check the download area below.



Management Topics

If topics such as change management, continuous improvement, creativity, new strategies and their implementation, better focusing are on your mind – work with us! In the download area you can find examples for problem solving and applying Sun Tzu’s wisdom to determine your position and find the best strategy to move on.



Success and Balancing

Are you struggling with ensuring professional success in a complex and dynamic environment? Do you need help in balancing this constant and demanding professional struggle with your private life? Do you want to learn how knowing Sun Tzu’s experience can help you? Please check out paper 8 below and … work with us!



Download Area

The following Section contains papers, which are byproducts of our daily work which we are able to share with the internet community:

1.       Compensation/Salaries („Gehalt“) in Central Europe with Focus on Austria: this paper describes salaries in Central Europe dependent on profession, education, hierarchical position and experience.

2.       High Tech Indicators and Corresponding Roadmaps: this paper summarizes the development of high tech indicators over the years and hence provides an orientation for their expected future values. This paper focuses on performance parameters and price and is linked to the next paper.

3.       High Tech Benchmarks: here we describe the state of the art in current important technologies and devices such as LEDs, OLEDs, photovoltaic cells and also fuel-efficient cars. The paper focuses on energy efficiency expressed in lm/Watt, conversion of light into electrical energy and miles per gallon.

4.       Pharma Trends: global revenues of the pharma industry are described. We also list the major players and the business volume of expiring patents per year – i.e. the business which becomes available for the generic drugs sector.

5.       Global Trends: here we provide a classification to assess whether a trend can be classified as a global one and how it will influence our global community. As examples we have chosen the growth of national economies like China, India, Brazil and others as well as the US mortgage crisis that emerged in 2007.

6.       The Nine Situations – based on Sun Tzu’s „The art of War“: Sun Tzu describes the general principles of war in his classical work. These principles can also be applied to everyday situations. One of the most important exercises is to correctly assess the situation and to find the optimized way to proceed. In our paper we describe how to do this, based on Sun Tzu’s theses.

7.       Turn a Negative Situation into Positive Action: have you ever encountered a situation that seems very negative and you would just desperately like to turn it into something positive and get back „into business“. This paper provides the recipe.

8.       Reaching Your Goals with the Advice of Sun Tzu: we summarize the essentials of the 13 chapters of Sun Tzu’s work „The Art of War“ and describe how this helps you in defining and reaching your goals.



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